S Ninety Performance is a Malaysia based custom part automotive manufacturer.

Throttle Body, Intake, Engine Block, Engine Sleeve, Long Block, Short Block, Strengthen Block, Engine Cradle and etc.

S Ninety Performance History

Established in 2006, by founder and owner Mr. Ling Ming Chon, a man with over 32 years of performance automotive experiences.

The story really begins in 1990, when he established a dedicated performance workshop, known as SUPER 90. SUPER, because Ling wanted to maximize performance, while 90, is the year in which the company was founded.

Throughout the years, Ling has created many winners in the region and country, via local races. It was here that Ling learnt a great deal about automotive modification and how it impact and affects performances. As a result, Ling and the company often received overwhelming encouragement, support and attention.

Regardless of the numerous won that Ling received, he was determined to push the boundaries of automotive performance. After buying and testing a number of available aftermarket products and feeling unsatisfied, Ling is determined to manufacture his own.

Leaving everything that he has ever owned through his career, the hot summer of 2004 saw the move to design, prototyping and development, a new project, the S 90 PERFORMANCE. This project meant to design and manufacture maximum performance parts with efficiency and durability through precision and quality control.

Self taught Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Manufacturing, and various Computer Numerical Control machines, Ling quickly gained professional insight into how precision performance parts are made.

In conjunction with this, a design and prototyping process was also developed to integrate requirements and equipments to a level of efficiency.

Spring 2008, Ling officially ended SUPER 90, and founded S 90 PERFORMANCE, aimed at the global auto performance industry. The S90 trademark was also hatched for easy remembrance and global market penetration.

The first S90 products were also shipped out in the very same year.

The assurance of products where performance meets efficiency and durability at an international standard can now be realized, at S90.

S90 is now ready to push the boundaries of the automotive performance parts design with a talented team.

We have a line of CNC Machines that ready to meet up with any of demands and catered to your needs.