Sleeved Block Honda B16A

Honda    •    B Series

Year -
Engine Code B16A
Diameter 84 - 86mm
Part Number coming soon

Product Description

While sleeved blocks and services are available in the aftermarket, S90 has specifically designed custom performance sleeves. These enhanced Ductile Iron ASTM series sleeves along with enhanced aluminum block guard are what S90 uses to enhance durability and strength, while improving cooling capacity and increased overall bore size possibilities.


Special Notes

High quality Ductile Iron of ASTM series are used as the base for all S90 sleeves. Sleeves are specifically designed to withstand N/A and forced induction applications in mind. Specially designed cooling fins are CNC machined to precision for ventilation. Improved stability and cooling capacity can be achieved with S90's AL6061 T6 aluminum block guard.


- Enhanced durability, strength & reliability
- Increased bore range
- Designed with performance in mind


CNC precision machined away original cast iron sleeve and wash

Block deck surface is CNC machined to a shine

Insert and special machined press fit S90 Ductile ASTM Iron Sleeves

Press fit S90 AL6061 T6 aluminum Block Guard

Block is CNC milled to receive proper deck height (controlled at 0.05 - 0.06 mm tolerance)

Wash Block and Sandblast exterior