Throttle Body Honda Civil, Integra, Accord K Series/DC5-R/EP3-R

Honda    •    Civil, Integra, Accord

Year -
Engine Code K Series, DC5-R/EP3-R
Diameter 70 - 76mm
Part Number -

Product Description

Designed by S90, these series of direct bolt-on throttle body are precision CNC machined from AL6061 T6 billet aluminum for increased durability.


Special Notes

The throttle shaft and blade assembly are CNC machined from AL7075-T6 aluminum separately to increase horsepower and torque by optimizing airflow to the engine, with the addition of two high quality bearings for smoother and precision control.


AL6061 T6 billet aluminum provides faily high strength, good workability and high resistance to corrosion, excellent for throttle body.

AL7075 T6 aluminum is a very high strength material used for highly stressed structural parts. S90 shafts and blades made out of this material provide high durability for both N/A and high boost applications.


- Improved throttle response
- Better acceleration
- More high end output​​​​


Product Types

Civil Engine Code : K Series, DC5-R/EP3-R, Diameter : 70mm, Part Number : M
Integra Engine Code : K Series, DC5-R/EP3-R, Diameter : 72mm, Part Number : S90-HND-272
Accord Engine Code : K Series, DC5-R/EP3-R, Diameter : 74mm, Part Number : S90-HND-274
Accord Engine Code : K Series, DC5-R/EP3-R, Diameter : 76mm, Part Number : S90-HND-276